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Friction and Lubrication


A Powerful Case for Diamondized™ Lubricants

We observe the results of friction every day and it is expensive.

Consider a few examples:

  • Engines - Clearance between piston rings and cylinder walls increases slowly leading to blow-by, decreased combustion efficiency, increased pollutants, and reduced engine oil life.

  • Engine Bearings and Camshafts wear and connecting rods fatigue, ultimately leading to an engine rebuild.

  • Transmissions and gears - Contacting surfaces wear and metals ultimately fatigue leading to a variety of undesirable symptoms and then breakdown and costly repairs.

  • Bearings - are critical components, often difficult to service or not serviceable. Failure may be catastrophic.

  • Conveyor lines are subject to breakdown due to bearing failure. Conveyor breakdowns create costly process interruptions.

  • Pumps consume significant energy and may be installed in “run to failure” mode as the cost of pump maintenance may be excessive and cause the shutdown of a production line.

Nanodiamond enhanced lubricants can extend life by 40% or more and reduce energy loss!

How It Works

Detonation nanodiamond crystals are added to a lubricant (oil or grease). The crystals adsorb the lubricant on their substantial surface. In the process of operation, over time, the metal-to-metal motion drives the crystals with adsorbed lubricant into the metal surfaces so the surface becomes diamond hard (MOH=10) and lubricated. The nanodiamond enhanced surface is extremely wear resistant and the adsorbed lubricant drastically reduces risk associated with lack of lubrication conditions.


The results are measurable. Friction is reduced by approximately 15%. Friction reduction either decreases the amount of energy consumed or increases the amount of power produced (depending on the type of application). 

Our Diamondized™ Engine Oil Additives


Our engine oil additive products are available in two blends: Engine Oil Additive FM-Conditioner™ and Engine Oil Additive FM-Protect™. While not required, we recommend using both products to achieve maximum benefit. 

Our Engine Oil Additive FM-Conditioner™ is a blend of specially prepared 30-50 nm nanodiamonds in a graphene shell plus trace metals in a semi-synthetic oil. The purpose of this blend is to condition the surface of worn cylinder walls, bearing journals, camshafts and other oil lubricated components over a 1,500 to 2,000 mile break-in prior to long-term use of Engine Oil Additive FM-Protect™. 

Our Engine Oil Additive FM-Protect™ additive is a blend of 30-50 nm nanodiamonds with a graphene shell in a semi-synthetic oil base that is added with each engine oil and filter change for the life of the vehicle. 

The Benefits:

  • Friction Reduction

  • Increased Load Bearing Capability

  • Reduced Production of Pollutants including NO  , CO  , carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and soot

  • Lower Operating Temperature

  • Extended Engine Component Life

  • Extended Engine Oil Life

  • Combustion Improvement (Particularly Diesel Engines)

NOTE: These measurable benefits develop gradually at different rates and some will improve over time. 


Ready to give our products a try? Both of these products are available for purchase from our online store. If you have questions prior to purchase, please contact us. We will be happy to help. 

Fleet managers:  We are offering a limited-time no-risk trial for up to four (4) of your diesel trucks. For more information please click the button below. (Offer expires 12/31/2021)

For bulk orders and more information: We will provide you with a complete quote that includes a customized model at no charge.  Just click the button below, fill out some basic information and we will follow up within 3 business days. 

For the Love of Racing - Our NASCAR Story

Mr. Tony Furr, a NASCAR® Sprint Cup Crew Chief, had tried a variety of oil additives, greases and promised “magic potions” over the years to gain an edge over the competition -- and all failed to meet expectations. 


After utilizing our Diamondized™ engine oil additive as well as our transmission and gear set additive he provided nothing short of high praise saying: 


 "None of the products I've come across in my 30 years has positively impacted the performance of my cars throughout an entire season, as the products I've used from Nano Materials and Processes Inc."


In terms of wear and tear, he was able to re-use components that are normally discarded after five (5) races. But, that’s just the first of many  measurable improvements he observed over time. 


There were so many benefits that you have to read his letter to grasp the scope of improvements!

Additional Documentation

Engine Oil Additive

Diamondized™ Greases and Other Lubricants

NanoMPI produces both off-the-shelf and custom lubricants for many types of applications.


For example, we have produced high-performance grease for the CV Joints of vehicles used in extractive enterprises (e.g., mining).


We have also produced a mud motor lubricant (for drilling) that lowers drilling cost by extending the life of the mud motor and reducing the frequency of mud motor change outs.


If ball bearing wear is your problem, we offer an off-the shelf product that not only increases bearing life, but rejuvenates worn bearings.

Tell us your problem. We’ll work with you to develop a solution.

Our High-Performance Diamondized™ Grease and High-Performance Diamondized™ Bearing and Gear Lubricant are available for purchase from our online store. 

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