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About - Our Diamondized Story

Who We Are

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc is a privately-held company founded in 2011 to create and market products that leverage detonation nanodiamond technology. We create multiple refinement grades of detonation nanodiamonds and integrate them into lubricants, industrial products, 3D printing and therapeutics.

Our Value Proposition

NanoMPI's detonation nanodiamonds are the key to developing next-generation products that address chronic issues, resulting in reduced cost and higher quality outcomes for our clients.

Core Values

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Customer Service

  • Collaboration

  • Passion

  • Results

Vision, Mission and Philosophy

NanoMPI is an innovator using detonation nanodiamond technology to create better performing products and outcomes for industrial, commercial and consumer customers that yield measurable positive return on investment (ROI) every time. 

Our Leadership

Marshall Weingarden Website.jpg

Marshall Weingarden

CEO and President,

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc.

Marshall is a successful entrepreneur with more than forty years experience in building and leading a technology company that assisted businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 100 companies, with designing, planning, troubleshooting and implementing technology solutions in pursuit of reducing costs and optimizing business operations. 

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Andrey Factor

Vice President of Engineering

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. 

Andrey is responsible for product development and application in lubricants, coatings, polymers and monomers, and additive manfacturing (including 3D printing).  Andrey also provides technical support to NanoMPI clients. 

Andrey holds a B.S.E degree in Automotive Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Minnesota State University in Mankato, MN where he conducted technical studies in fluid power mechanics and equipment, composite materials and variable valve timing. 

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Our Patents

NanoMPI research and development creates unique applications of detonation nanodiamond technology. These applications are powerful and often surprising in their results.

Composition and therapies using nanodiamonds suspended in a carrier (U.S. Patent 10,894,060) - Issued 1/19/2021

B2 Fuel blend with nanodiamonds (U.S. Patent 10,329,503) - Issued 6/25/2019

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