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RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ Therapeutics

Treating Pain and Inflammation with Detonation Nanodiamonds

Traditional over-the-counter (OTC) oral  pain relievers and anti-inflammatories take time to work and often come with limitations and negative side effects. Topical OTC pain relievers may mask or distract from the pain while your body tries to heal the cause. Prescription pain relievers such as opiates offer similar problems with the added danger of addiction. 

What if you could avoid those negative side effects, achieve rapid sustainable pain relief, and improve your body's healing response without resorting to a prescription drug? 

Our  RELIEF!™ therapeutics focus on these goals while offering a low price point to the consumer relative to traditional methods of intervention. 

We also offer detonation nanodiamond suspensions to businesses seeking to enhance their current products or to develop a new product line. 

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How It Works

The human nervous system operates through bioelectricity. Specifically, cells use bioelectricity to communicate system status -- healthy or damaged. Several independent studies suggest that detonation nanodiamond crystals can positively influence both the pain and healing responses of this communication system.

In short, the voltage carried on the active surface of a detonation nanodiamond crystal can disrupt pain signals transmitted to the brain, thereby reducing or eliminating the the pain felt while simultaneously boosting the response to healing signals generated by cells surrounding the damaged area. Studies have shown that this results in shorter recovery period.

Our RELIEF!™ therapeutics contain our purest grade of  detonation nanodiamond crystals. They have been government certified food-grade and contain no detectable impurities. Our nanodiamonds can be used with confidence in many therapeutic applications.


Three key properties of our detonation nanodiamond crystals work in concert to reduce pain and inflammation as well as accelerate partial or complete natural healing of the underlying condition. These properties and their benefits are outlined below with more information available on our consumer website:

Therapeutics Table 04222021.JPG

Trouble viewing table? Click icon to download PDF.

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