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Custom Coatings & Chroming

A large federal contractor requested that we demonstrate our coating and lubricant capabilities. In response, we:


(1) Nanodiamond chromed both the transmission and differential gears of a Chinook helicopter main propeller differential gearbox and

(2) Added nanodiamond-infused gear lubricant.


3rd-Party Testing

The contractor tested the results separately using an AVL PNP Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometer. Testing was done in two stages:

  1. Drive gears were nanodiamond chromed with 5 micron thickness and showed a 1.5% energy transfer efficiency improvement;

  2. Gear lubricant with nanodiamonds in suspension was then added producing an additional 1.2% energy transfer efficiency improvement.

Total energy transfer efficiency improvement was increased from 90% to 92.7%.

The total energy transfer efficiency improvement of 2.7% increased total efficiency from 90% to 92.7%. This was a very significant improvement for transmission and differential gears that the contractor had engineered for maximum efficiency using their already very sophisticated methods.


The 2.7% would be just the beginning of the benefits of nanodiamond chroming and nanodiamond lubricants. Additional benefits would be reflected in (a) higher reliability, (b)  an increased length of service interval and reduction in risk of failure.


While we do not have a service history of these components, our history of nanodiamond chroming and lubricants in heavy industry such as mining indicates an expected service life improvement of more than 40%.

DIAMONDIZED™ -- Increasing the Energy Transfer Efficiency of a Chinook Helicopter
Helicopter Gearbox 1.png
How Does It Work?

We have the in-house capabilities to provide our customers with a plating solution additive based on their unique needs and requirements.


Nanodiamond chroming, combines our detonation nanodiamonds with a base metal (e.g., nickel, zinc, copper, chromium, or tin) or noble metal (e.g., gold, platinum, or silver) to create an enhanced surface.


Chroming can be performed by NanoMPI for one-offs to small production runs within the physical size limits of our chroming baths.


For large runs or too large components, NanoMPI can deliver a plating solution additive for use with an existing bath and that is based upon your specific requirements.

Detonation nanodiamonds can be used in two different ways in custom coatings on metal surfaces, both resulting in significant measurable improvements. 

1. Nanodiamond chroming reduces wear produced by friction between two metal surfaces.


It is especially appropriate for stamping dies, machine tools, gearing systems, bearings, and the like.


Nanodiamonds are applied to metal surfaces using the same chemistry used for electroplating, i.e., a chroming bath.

The box to the right highlights the benefits of using nanodiamonds to coat metal surfaces. 

2. Nanodiamond coating has the additional ability of improving both the adhesion and appearance of additional coating materials such as paints applied to metallic surfaces.


The Measure of Hardness Scale (MOHS) measures a mineral's resistance on a scale of 1 to 10 with a score of 10 given to the mineral with the highest scratch resistance -- the diamond.  Detonation nanodiamonds which are carbon-based like diamond minerals also exhibit a MOHS equal to 10. This level of scratch resistance combined with the high surface tension of nanodiamonds facilitates surface adhesion of paints or other coatings. The application of detonation nanodiamonds to a metal surface  may allow for a thinner application of a paint or coating while improving the surface integrity and life of the coating. 

Benefits of Mechanical Coatings Using Nanodiamonds

Increased mechanical surface strength

Increased surface lubricity

Increased surface life

Reduce or eliminate unfavorable reactions between fluids and base materials (e.g. galvanic erosion)

Increased life for continuous stamping or drawing dies

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