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Combustion Improvement

Our NASCAR Story

It all started with a love for racing.... 

How It Works

Our Diesel Fuel Additive - CC™ is a blend of specially prepared 30-50 nm detonation synthesis nanodiamonds with graphene shell in a semi-synthetic petroleum carrier. This blend exploits unique catalytic properties of carbon forms including a surface area to weight ratio up to 350 square meters and an active (charged) surface. 

When added to diesel fuel, nanodiamonds are dispersed in the air/fuel mixture where they act as a catalyst to improve combustion efficiency. The catalytic action of the nanodiamonds breaks down the NOx created during the combustion process. This frees up oxygen (O2), improving the burning of fuel, reducing the quantity of certain unwanted pollutants and increasing fuel economy.

As a result:

  • The production of soot is signficantly reduced along with emissions of NOx, CO and hydrocarbons.

  • The load on the soot capture system is reduced along with the consumption of fuel to eliminated collected soot. 

  • Utilization of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to reduce NOx emissions decreases by more than 30%. 

  • Fuel economy increases measurably. 

Supporting Documentation

Diesel Fuel Additive - CC™ Safety Data Sheet

Fuel Consumption and Emissions Testing of Fuel Additive - CC™ (Patent Pending) Using A Single Cylinder Diesel Test Engine - October 16, 2016

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